The events of January 31st, 2014

  • Feb. 1st, 2014 at 1:12 PM
thevoidalone: (Default)
Basically, this whole Darren and Jan reached it's conclusion, at least for my involvement in it last night.

Darren, quit the guild on all of his toons yesterday when Jan broke up with him after finding out that he lied about his pictures. His one profile pic on facebook, all the pics he sent. All fake. He ADMITTED THIS.

Made up another lie to cover up the first lie, that he had to have "reconstructive jaw surgery", which was later confirmed by a family member of his who is also in guld as bullshit.

So, with all of this information, and the abscence of pretty much any semblance of order going on, and this being a cycle that's happened in the guild since i've been in it really at least with him gquitting - happens every 1 or 2 months - I figured that although yeah it's about Jan and D's relationship, the guild as a whole deserves to know that they are playing with someone who is a dishonest person.

So meeting goes fine whatever. I can only assume Darren is chatting with people as the meeting's going on or after it's over. Cause basically after the ensuing facebook conversation, I get made out to be on an "anti-darren campaign" and I was like fuck yeah I am. I'm not going to sit here and know that this motherfucker lied to a person he claimed to love for 3 years and not call that into question, i don't care if he's too much of a chickenshit to come defend himself.

Well, after meeting i'm on Skype with Jan and Lou (another guildmate who had my back) and everything was going fine for a while.

Then I noticed jan got reaaaaaaaaaal quiet, but I could hear her typing. I can only assume she was talking to Darren but i got a pretty giant knife of a message in the back.

"What you ultimately did kenny was not only go behind my back and spreading my private business. But you also ruined another person's life. No one deserves that no matter what they do. Darren has done more good than harm. And I know you thought that it was in my best interests or the guild best interest but you are wrong. And even lu said people don't understand the situation. So why include them on a topic they know nothing about? Honestly I'm pissed and hurt. And you became the second person in a row to lose my trust."

So, I really at that point felt utterly and completely done with the whole situation. I told jan that basically I couldn't continue giving her a life saver if she wasn't willing to take it, wished her the best in life, but said that I had to end our friendship there because it was too much for me. I then gquit on all of my characters, deleted mostly everyone from the guild from everywhere.