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Teaching old dogs new tricks

  • Jul. 6th, 2017 at 10:39 PM
thevoidalone: (Default)
Today, July 6th, is my birthday. I was born in the year 1987. So this being 2017, I am officially an old dog now, at 30 years old!
As much as I might joke, this milestone has not set off any quarter life crises for me. I am comfortable with my age, and feel i'm hitting my stride in many regards, and am thankful that mom and our family have made it through the trial that has been this hip replacement process. Upwards and onwards, friends!

Now, today has been a pretty damn good day. I did not get as much sleep as I might have hoped to get (4 hours?). But, I woke up, and listened to some music to start out the day, and promptly brought up a new tab with the amazon tracking for my package that I was expecting. My birthday gift from my parents. A corsair strafe mechanical keyboard with cherry mx red switches, and rgb backlights! It arrived this morning at about 10 AM, and I spent the first part of my day setting it up with some cool community made lighting profiles (cause i'm too lazy to make my own lol). I was not expecting such a major difference in the feel of typing on a membrane keyboard and a mechanical one. I'm really really enjoying it (and is also why I was a little verbose in my last post, if i'm being 100% honest lol). I absolutely love it, though. It's the first step in a planned upgrade of all of my computing equipment, the next and biggest being a gaming computer and new l-shaped desk to make my room a little more well organized.

My corsair strafe rgb (cherry mx red) mechanical keyboard

Then, this afternoon, I spent time chatting on discord, and watching American Pickers. About 4:45 some of mom's close friends came over for a small birthday gathering, and one of them gave me a gift card for the movie theater so I can take both me and my step-dad to the movies, and the other gave me a $5. They had some grilled things for supper (I ate while watching American Pickers). They ate, and chatted for a while after. After that we had some cake. When they left I watched some more American Pickers, and then about 8-ish I hopped in the shower. I took some pictures to document myself on my 30th birthday, cause I felt that was a pretty important milestone to document for myself pictorially.

After I got out of the shower, I sat down and started writing on here, and that brings us up to the current time. After I get done posting here, I plan on opening up my bottle of whisky, and having a couple of drinks, listening to music, and playing some video games. A good end to the day.

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